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Flipping Holder

Flipping Holder 3 Pack

Flipping Holder 3 Pack

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Food-Safe, 2-in-1 Flipping Holder Juice Box & Baby Food Pouch Holder – No-Squeeze Pouch Holder with Handles & Lid Fits GoGo, Capri Sun, Juice, Yogurt, & More

A Simple, Creative Solution

Drink boxes and food pouches are an ultra-convenient way to let your little one snack on the go—until they give a sudden squeeze. In the blink of an eye, sticky goop is everywhere. Sound familiar? Enter a mom-created no-squeeze fix—the Flipping Holder anti-squeeze pouch holder. It puts their favorite drink or snack pouch securely in their hands without the risk of reaching hands making messes.

Master the Parent Juggling Act

This toddler squeeze pouch holder is the ideal addition to your bag of tricks. With its ability to hold juice boxes and food pouches, it takes versatility to new heights. A quick flip is all it takes to switch from savory purees to fruity juice sips. What’s more, its secure lid ensures no accidental grabs by wandering toddler hands while keeping juices in place with a straw slot.

Made with Heart

Both pieces of your holder are crafted in the USA from food-friendly PP with zero BPA, DEHP, or lead. It's lightweight, easy to hold, and sturdy. Your squeeze-proof food pouch holder will see you through many snack times, and doesn’t require full washings between uses.  Simply wipe clean and toss back into the diaper bag!  If it gets dirty, toss in the dishwasher. Your Flipping Holder is not just practical, it's also designed with joy in mind. Available in an array of colors, this applesauce squeeze pouch holder becomes an exciting part of your child’s day.

More Time for Fun

Wherever you go, take your kid's juice box and food pouch holder for snack-time confidence. Join the countless parents who have found a friend in Flipping Holder - allowing them to focus on what truly matters—cherished time with their littles.

Say goodbye to goopy messes and hello to effortless joy, because parenting is beautiful, even during snack time.

  • (Squ)easy Mess Fix – Food and drink pouches are handy until they get squashed in tiny fists! With your Flipping Holder 2-in-1 food pouch and juice box holder, your tyke can slurp snacks free of wasteful spills.
  • Travel Buddy – Whether going by air, land, or sea, this kid's squeeze pouch holder is your tidy ally. It’s easy to pack in your diaper bag, secures a pouch on 1 side or a juice box on the other for smooth sailing.
  • Zero Hassle – Your baby squeeze pouch holder takes snack time from frustrating to fun. Kiddos eagerly reach for the colorful, easy-grip handles while the closing lid stops curious hands.
  • Fun for All – Celebrate any occasion with a gift kids and parents will eat up. It blends the cute with the practical and fits any yogurt, puree, applesauce, or reusable pouches for toddlers.
  • Durable Time-Saver – Your pouch holder for toddlers is no-squeeze and made in the USA using food-safe PP sans BPA, DEHP, or lead. Just wipe it off easily after each use & pop it in the dishwasher if needed.
  • Made by the mom-inventor - this is the authentic and original Flipping Holder, the only one designed to work with all food pouches on the market. Created by a mom of four and made locally in Minnesota.
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